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3.9 / 4.6 Litre Hotwire 14CUX Morgan

The unique Rover V8 engine, has been used for the 'Morgan Plus 8' application for many many years. Essentially it was borrowed from the Rover P5/P6 model, to 1976, Rover SD1 models to 1986, Range Rover Classic models (carb to 1989, Flapper injection to 1989, Hot wire injection to 2000 & Sagem (Gems) injection to present date.

The understanding here, is, an engine built & intended for other vehicles with different load/weight characteristics from its intended use, means efficiency, power, and engine correctness is always compromised in its standard form.

With early carb models, this was not much of an issue as they could be easily re-jetted and the ignition timing reset to take care of things. With the later fuel injection types (EFI), it is also very simple but does require changes to the ECU (chipping) regarding engine management system upgrades.

Therefore we have put together this special 'Morgan Plus 8' section to help show, not only the essential chipping changes required but also the other external upgrades that are simple to fix, quick to do that will give some quite stunning results!

Why Re-Chip anyway?

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