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Ignition overview and check list:
Firstly a checkup and overview of the most common Rover V8 ignition system types.

  • First, remove advance vacuum pipe from intake and check for positive vacuum when throttle is applied.
  • Check (if fitted) that the vacuum delay module is not blocked.
  • Check positive vacuum will pull distributor advance whilst also checking vacuum module is not holed (when sucking the pipe, the base plate of the distributor should rotate anti-clockwise about 15 deg.).
  • Check condition of rotor arm for signs of damage or arcing, also check cap and clean contacts (better still, fit new).
  • Check rotor for free play, there should be none, both rotationaly and side to side.
  • Check rotor will turn clockwise through about 20 deg, and smartly retract back to its home position under good spring tension.
  • Distributor output is known to be weak so upgrading with our Spark amp is recommended. (see below).
  • Replace plug leads, preferably with Magnecor. Use good quality Plugs such as NGK BP6ES, avoid fancy plugs as they don't normally last long.

Setting up and checking for problems

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