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Injection system simple hardware upgrades:

Whilst we have many higher levels of injection hardware upgrades, you will see from the following pictures just how badly the stock engine is severely suffocated the engines ability to breath thus robbing it of existing, let alone its maximum potential.

Below you will see how a simple upgrade to our 'Superflare trumpets' cannot fail to make significant gains in basic engine efficiency.

The Rover engine fitted with the stock intake hardware.

This is the standard plenum chamber as fitted to all EFi's since 1982, although the injection types may have changed the Hardware is still the same as ever, even with the bigger variant engines including the 4.6. The plenum retains the same size throttle diameter, the trumpets are the same tall narrow design and the intake manifold tracks are the same bad casting as they have ever been.

Our Superflare trumpets are easy to fit to your existing intake.

On the left you can see the original trumpets as fitted to all EFi V8's for the past 20 years.
It comes as no surprise that reducing the Air flow restriction into the engine has substantial additional power advantages. It also proves how little has been done to achieve superior power levels for these more modern engines, even for the larger capacity variants.

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