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Magnecor Plug Leads:
Not only the best peformance, but the 'Best Value, by far!

Magnecor Race Wires, both Magnecor KV85 Competition (8.5mm) and R-100 Racing (10mm) Ignition Cables, are used extensively throughout the world by leading racers and performance-minded street vehicle owners to maximize the efficiency of their vehicle's ignition system.

Magnecor Race Wires are the only ignition wires that can carry the full output of racing ignition systems while providing superior EMI suppression for electronically managed engines and superior heat resistance.

Magnecor Race Wires are used on many serious race engines, such as current engines used in the USA in NASCAR, Winston Cup, Grand National and Super Truck series, SCCA (including successful factory vehicles and other series winners), IMSA, NHRA etc. Magnecor Race Wires are also used on many race engines competing worldwide; Australians would be interested to know most successful Touring Cars, including most cars running at Bathurst, use Magnecor Race Wires. Magnecor Race Wires have been successfully run on many 5,000+HP Top Fuel engines. However, unlike all other performance wires, Magnecor Race Wires can be used to improve ANY street engine ignition performance because they provide EMI suppression!

Magnecor Race Wires' superior heat resistance also makes them ideal for use in the extreme heat experienced by commercial vehicles, industrial vehicles, industrial engines and generators, military vehicles, and motorhomes. Marine engines can also benefit from Magnecor Race Wires' superior RFI suppression and water sealing abilities.

Unlike the majority of ignition wire brands that have proliferated in the performance market in recent years, Magnecor Race Wires are not just branded, cheaply constructed, generic spiral conductor ignition wires that most performance parts promoters like to include in their product lines to sell through speed shops and mass-merchandisers in the USA.

We now have a full range of Magnecor V8 Rover leads in stock (models 1969 - 2000). Both the superlative KV85 range, and the less expensive 8mm Street wires. An essential addition to any performance or efficiency seeking engine.

Magnecor Plug leads
From only 75.00 - 95.00 + VAT
Our choice for all V8s

You can now purchase all of our products from our E-bay shop:
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 Magnecor Plug Wires

 Magnecor Race wires

 Magnecor Blue 8mm

 Magnecor Red 8.5mm KV85


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