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Morgan Plus 8 ECU identification and location:

Simply locate and remove the ECU. It is fitted under the passenger side dash (RHD models) and is removed by locating the '2' 8mm retaining bolts, release these, then disconnect the large electrical harness connector. Please make sure that the ignition is switched off when doing this.

If yours is not socketed then we can provide the socket to install or you can send the ECU in and we will take car of it for you.

It is a simple job to remove the 'Lucas' cover & fit the Optimax or Tornado chip as per the supplied instruction's this is indeed very simple to do.

Software variants:
There are only two known software variants, 'X36' approx. 1994 and newer, 'X22' Pre 94.

You however need not worry about the difference between these. But we will need to know which it is so that we can be sure to supply you the correct Optimax or Tornado chip for you type.

Optimax or Tornado

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