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RPi exclusive A&R Power amps:
Bigger Sparks, Maximum power & efficiency potential, especailly when upgrading other areas

Our exclusive A&R Power amp increases spark output from 35KV +/- (stock new) to near-on 50 KV, & with Magnecore leads, this is all the ignition power you will ever need.

If your engine already has one of the later type electronic ignitions and its mechanical and vacuum advance systems are in perfect working order (many aren't, so please check.), then we offer a new ignition spark amp system that's sure to maximize your fuel and power returns, can be used with all std. electronic ignition types except the early Lucas Opus system 35DE8. For LPG users. Check out this info on our Dual timing LPG Version) (click here) (don't forget to press your Browser return button if you want to come back here).

V8 Ignition Hand-built Power amps. & (Dual Timing) versions also
available for LPG.  
Small on the outside, Big on Power on the inside. Installation is less than 30 mins. without any experience.

A & R Amp Dyno Testing April 2002.

The following update was sent in by Ray Web at V8 Developments, testing our A&R amp on a Non LPG 3.5 rebuilt engine on their up-to-date engine Dyno facilities.

I quote, 'The Dyno tests of the power amplifier / A&R. unit proved very positive, four back to back dyno runs showed your A&R unit gained approx. 5BHP and 5ft/lb across the mid and upper rev range. Not only was this a better performance result, the engine seemed to be a lot easier to start, idled better and at lower revs, was much smoother through the rev range, and all in all made the engine sound a lot 'sweeter'. powergraph below'.

Note: how the gains go way beyond mere power gains, in themselves pretty impressive for an Ignition amp alone.

Distributor-less systems 'Gems'

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