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Stainless Steel Catalysers:

High Performance Stainless Steel Catalysers as direct replacement systems for Morgan Models

With some crafty designing we have incorporated our free flow Catalyst with A high flow collector and primary sections as a direct replacement to the original thus allowing a simple replacement of the standard equipment.

With absolutely no need to cut, weld or change the rest of the system. for this simple but highly efficient upgrade.

Our Unique 100 cell Catalyst

Employing Higher quality material allows for non-restrictive catalyst design.

Standard 400 cell Catalyst
The very dense inner Catalyst structure, is
resultant from the usage of lower grade material & is what instigates the major restriction within stock catalyst systems.

Like everything else, we use them ourselves and they thus come highly recommended for your own Morgan.

You can purchase these Morgan Catalysers now from our E-bay shop:
Visit:  http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Partsrange

 Near-side, Roadster front pipe and catalyst

 RPi's 100 Cell (left) and the orfiginal 400 Cell (right)


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