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Upgrading Ignition Systems for LPG use:

LPG is now becoming one of the most popular fuel choices for the Rover V8 engine and some quite interesting advantages are available from upgrading the ignition system.

As modern fuels are now very low octane, most standard vehicle ignition systems run with minimal ignition advance, since the days of 5 star fuel, std. ignition systems have been designed for far less timing advance.

.LPG is 112 octane, the extra 8deg or so advance available from the Mallory systems, or 14 from our power amp, can be put to very good use as the spark intensity is almost doubled in both cases.

Thus the slower burning characteristics of LPG can be overcome, indeed whilst most say using LPG loses power, this need not be true when other subtle upgrades such as this are employed. 

Never underestimate the quality of std., O/E, or High street spec. ignition!

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