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Adjustable fuel rail pressure regulator:

There are two main players/ controllers of the fuelling of these Morgan EFi engines. We have already discussed the Chipping issues now its the turn of fuel pressure, but first a quick overview is required.

Chipping allows us to play with injector pulse lengths electronically and control the fuel mix by lengthening the pulse or shortening depending on engine load/rpm requirement. The downside of this can be, if your fuel rail pressure (delivery pressure) is low, the ECU will struggle to provide a long enough injector pulse and fuel rail pressure will then be lower still.

Installing the adjustable fuel rail pressure regulator allows you not only to step up the rail pressure & to relax the ECU & fuel pump, it also ensures enough pressure is supplied & available for the injectors to provide the best injector spray pattern, essential for clean and efficient combustion.

Injection system simple hardware upgrades

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