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Further understanding of fuel maps:
What makes our Morgan Chips different?

Most tuning companies will seek to poor moor fuel into the top end rpm, purely to gain some more Bhp, mostly so high up the rev range you'd hardly notice it on a V8. These engines drive almost entirely on torque so it is important to provide them the most efficient fuel map throughout the entire rev range. Both Tornado & Optimax provide for better economy, more torque and Bhp through smoother running and help to keep combustion so clean that your engine will survive for years. This is so important on Morgans that tend to do very low mileage but get older in the years.

When you demand High & Higher load performance, such as under hard acceleration and load pulling the Optimax and Tornado will run richer and give you the best possible performance both without loosing sight of efficiency. With over 120 load/rpm adjustments, the Optimax and Tornado are streets ahead of any competition, most of which just target more bhp with more fuel dumped in at high rpm.

When on cruise driving, part throttle, the fuel mixture using Optimax or Tornado will run slightly lean giving you the best possible economy.

Full control of the fuel map is contained within this innocent looking Eprom (Chip). It contains all the fueling rpm & fuelling load Map information and instructions require to run your engine. We have unique plus 8 variants to suit all road and race needs.

Adjustable fuel rail pressure regulator

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