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Later original equipment electronic ignition systems:

Later version original equipment electronic ignition systems offer a significant improvement on the earlier single points type distributor, however most of these have now become quite antiquated, and suffer severely from all the same and familiar mechanical problems. And in addition too they have introduced their own additional weaknesses anD problems experienced on the fine wire connections to the magnetic trigger pick-up head, and soldered printed circuit board connections. These failings are caused, and further agitated by, the constant and extreme changes of air temperature/humidity encountered in the stifled proximity of an engine bay. (after a time, continuous heat expansion causes fractures in the wiring and/or the PCB board).

Lucas 'Opus system 35DE8, used '76 through '82 with its amplifier and circuitry mounted internally, this system has produced the most problems with complete failure of ignition sparks, but problems normally lasts many months as the engine will normally re-start and behave again for some time. The failure is temperature related and can normally be identified by observing the rev counter because it will fail at the same instance due to loss of signal from the distributor.

Lucas 'Limb' system 35DM8, used '83 to '84 this system has the main circuitry and amplifier mounted behind the coil, the amplifier has a semicircular recess for the coil to mount on, the problems of this unit are similar to that of the 35DE8

RPi are pleased to anounce that we have some repaired distributors available from 150.00, & used with our power amp described below are one of the better options available.

Lucas 'Limb' system 35DLM8, used 1985 on and is identifiable by having its amplifier miniaturized and mounted onto the outside of the distributor body (a small black box with two lucar terminals).

Some pictures to help further, pay attention to the wiring types used, as this is the easiest way to distinguish them.

The Later type 1996 or newer is not shown above but the descriptions and pictures should help you identify what you have.

RPi exclusive A&R Power amps

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