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Mallory Dual Point Systems:

We can easily understand that you may say, 'But, all that extra maintenance'. Not so, As the voltage is shared equally by two sets of points, we have found that they can last at least 4 times as long as conventional points system. A life span of up to 20,000 miles is possible. And at least when it does need a service, it's far cheaper than the electronic systems. (Normally needing a complete and very expensive replacement when faulty) & as this was designed originally as a performance upgrade, the Mallory Dual point distributor offers far better performance than std. electronic distributors, and for LPG use the extra ignition advance available from this distributor will give your LPG engine much better efficiency.

Apart from the more obvious and detailed advantages, a Mallory Dual point or Unalite distributor offers a unique adjustable advance curve provision that can easily be precisely matched to your engine's requirements, and by utilizing the 10 deg. additional dwell made available with a twin points system, resultant and significant increases of ignition dwell further increase charge time available to the coil, thus creating the best possible spark intensity and producing the best and most efficient possible combustion process for your engine.

The use of an appropriate Mallory distributor, with our recommended coil and ballast resistor is guaranteed to gain significant power, low-end and mid-range torque and efficiency and economy increases or we will provide a full money back guarantee promise subject to the following conditions.

Because we have fitted and supplied in excess of 1000 Mallory distributors we further advise the following
Notwithstanding the above claims, on higher mileage or poor condition engines the Mallory ignition or any ignition improvement can highlight problems not previously apparent with your engine, due to camshaft wear, poor ignition, camshaft timing and fuel settings.

Fuel injected (V8) vehicles can utilize the Mallory Dual point, however, Mallory Unalite is the required system for fuel injection engines.

Mallory Dual Point specifications inc. coil and Ballast resistor can increase coil output by 50%, and even at 7500rpm the Mallory gives you 20,000 volts from a stock coil - 10,000 more than conventional single points systems.

Mallory build their distributors with stabilized points to eliminate float and bounce, brass case corrosion resistance, self lubricating bushings and a super duty cap and rotor to prevent shorting. You can also internally adjust advance 16 to 28deg. and it's available with or without vacuum advance.

Mallory Unalite Electronic system

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