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Mallory Unalite Electronic system :

Because the Mallory Dual point system is not appropriate for the later EFi Rover engines, the Mallory Unalite offers the complete answer for those wanting the best possible aftermarket replacement ignition. Built to the same high mechanical standards of the Mallory dual point, the Unalite is an upgrade that is guaranteed to save fuel and boost power.

Mallory Unalite or Magnetic specifications inc. coil & ballast resistor gives you accurate maintenance free engine timing. Instead of the conventional points, the Unalite has a Photo-optic LED triggering system that never varies or wears out.

You get increased rpm potential, improved combustion, longer spark plug life and improved cold weather starting. Connecting is a simple three wire hook up. The mechanics of the unit are the same high standard as the Dual point.

Upgrading Ignition systems for LPG use

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